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Kind-Hearted Beauties

Coloring Pouch

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They are amazing. Perfect for pens, pencils, makeup, diapers, masks, money and more!

  • Slight flare at the top, measuring 8.5” along the top zipper and 7” along the bottom.
  • Height: 5.3”
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Weight: approximately 1.2oz

Coloring Details: 

  • We tested washable markers, fabric markers, and permanent markers (sharpie) to make sure this works well.
  • Washable markers: color does spread/bleed on fabric, best for little kids that are “doodling” and may not stay inside the lines anyways. Washes clean under water or in washing machine. Will not give perfect results - is more for fun with the desire of coloring multiple times.
  • Fabric Markers: best option, bleeds the least. Results may vary with brand, but we were happy with results from our test.
  • Sharpie: another great option, some bleeding, but parents are less likely to allow children to use sharpies, so fabric markers remain the best option. 

Please remember this is for fun, results will vary and to use light pressure when coloring. Adding on markers is optional.